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I also must confess, I secretly took pictures ofyou to show them. They thought you were very pretty," she giggled at thelast sentence. I was horrified...and stared to tear up. "Don't be upset,sweetie, they both love you very much and so want to meet you. Maryespecially says she want to meet her new cousin "Jackie," so she canhelp you try on more clothes she has to give you. BTW, we settled onJackie because we all adore Jackie Kennedy and how she dresses."The next day she dressed me in a little. They had been so blended together through the years offriendship and marriage creating their life together that turning to eachother in crisis was as natural as breathing. Danny had asked Sam duringone of the conversations that they didn't share with anyone else, how shereally felt about becoming a woman... about becoming her. She didn't takelong to give an answer.In that practical way of hers, she went right to what she saw as theheart of it. "I'm still a person, she said. This is a change and. ”“Her mom? Her mom is with her?”“Yes, she lives there, also. Why?” This was interesting. She almost seemed to get more nervous at the idea of also meeting my Mom. But, time was wasting. We turned and went for the backdoor and turned to the side of the house by the woods and peeked around the corner before dashing for the trail to our house. We quickly put on shorts and tee-shirts and shoes and were running back to Juli’s. We were coming out of the trail when the boys spotted us and came. "I don't think you're charging enough. You haven't done much to earn your fees so far but from here on out it's going to get sticky. We're making more on this than we anticipated and so are willing to pay more for our protection. Bring in some more people as we have more on watch and get ready to do some moving around." Youse had me worried fo a minute dere. I got six more people at da utter place now." Seriously, Thunder. You might want to look at upgrading some of your equipment and having a.

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