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Since you are leaving Friday, I would think you would like to hit the road right after work, since living in a motel can be rather boring. Thursday is...a bad day for me to take you out to dinner because that’s when I do my community service. Tonight would be the best night to do it.”“You are in trouble with the law?”“Why are you asking?”“You said you were doing ‘community service’.”Paul laughed and said, “Oh, that’s what I call it when I go and help out at the parish with their bingo game.”She. " Really? How good are you, Miss Bang Bang? And where did that nick name come from?"Betty blushed a bit."I had older brothers, so we played a lot of cowboys and Indians, dad would limit out TV and game time. I had the only two shooter in the universe when I was about five. All I ever said was 'bang bang' when I pretended to shoot, so that was the nickname my brothers gave me." Then when I got into MMA, every time I practiced a two punch combo, I would yell BANG BANG, to build up lung capacity.. Is anyone there?’ she called in an angry tone. There was no response. Oh well she thought, I may as well have a look round while am waiting for the idiot who owns this dump to come and let me out. Amelia glanced disdainfully round the shop. Never had she seen such a motley collection of old junk.Amelia’s face was set in a scornful frown as she looked around, avoiding contact with any of the dusty surfaces. She shuddered as she walked into a cobweb dangling from the ceiling. She wiped the. What I was watching was just so damn hot honestly, I never would have thought I'd get so turned on by watching someone else having sex. She stood up and they began making out once again as he put his hands on her back and took off her bra. Then they looked at each other for a minute and he got down on his knees to took off her panties as well.“Yes, get that woman naked and plow her like mad for me, make her scream so I can hear her all the way over here,” I said as I moaned a bit.It was such a.

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