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Ek din hum kamre mein akele baithe huye the main eek small white top aur blue shorts pehne huye the usne tight half pant pehen rakhi thi jisme se uska...lund ubhar raha tha vo phone mein apni gf ko msg kr rha tha maine mazak mein uska phone cheen liya vo phone wapas lene ke liye mere upar chadh gya jiski wajah se uska lund eri chut ke upar ho gya mujhe maza aaya vo mujhse phone cheen raha tha to maine phone apni top ke andar daal diya aur bola “ab lekar dikhao” usne bola ”please mera phone do”. I want you. I need you. Divorce him and marry me.”We both had tears in our eyes. “I told you, Rob. I love my husband. I love you too in a way but not like I love Oscar. He’s the love of my life and the father of my children. I promised him the first night you fucked me that I would never leave him. Go find you a nice, sexy single girl, fall in love and marry her, Rob.”“You’re all of that except single, Irene. That can be fixed.”There’s nothing to fix. I’m taken. Oscar and I broke our marriage. “The door of my locker belongs in an art gallery, not in a school where it’s not appreciated and it’s susceptible to vandalism, but I don’t know who to ask to remove it for safekeeping.”“That’s a good point,” she mused. “I wonder if I can come to an arrangement with Mr Peters. That painting of the rainbows dancing is brilliant.”“It’s even better than that,” I said. “It’s a double helix. Eugenie linked sexual orientation and genetics.”“Oh my! I never realised,” Mrs Crocker admitted.“By the way,. Jake lived in an apartment building only a few minutes away, but after a few odd turns it was clear that wasn’t where he was heading. I followed him just outside of the city to an empty junkyard. He gets out and looks around him, spotting my car. I’m about to duck down but he sees me and starts walking over. “Cal what the hell?” I ask
 “What are you doing here man?” I ask rolling down my window. “Why’d you follow me?” he asked
 “Answer the question!” I say “Fuck, alright follow me but you.

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