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‘Hey, I’m sorry Christine. I’m a stupid joker and couldn’t resist the remark. I apologize. Please forgive me – I want to make love to you an... I’m sorry that I almost screwed up the evening for us. Let me make it up to you. I’ll play the scene tonight the way you want it to go. OK?’ She was still pissed but I held her and kissed her until she relaxed, finally saying, ‘You were being a bit of a prick. But I’ll forgive you. If I weren’t so horny I’d probably tell you to leave. Put on the robe I. There’s a clicking of heels as this week’s guest walks onto the set and we cut to watch her approaching – starting with those heels… Red knee-high PVC boots with four-inch heels, moving up to slim, smooth, coffee-coloured thighs, red panties visible below the hem-line of a red and black tartan micro-mini skirt… Up over narrow hips to a too-thin belly, a rib-cage that sticks out then a red bra that holds small but beautifully formed boobs up and out, a thin neck and then a thin featured face –. I'll go with you and we'll get you some help. With patience, we can break this thing, and you won't be plagued by this room of yours, ever again." NO!" She was on her feet, a look of utter panic in her eyes, backing away from me in fear. I was totally unprepared for so dramatic a response. She shook her head at me. She appeared consumed with fright."Hey! Hey! Calm down!" I said. "Don't be like that! I'm only trying to help." Don't take away My Room!" she implored, whining like a little girl.. The story took place on the 10th june 2015..The heroine of this story is Navedeeta, he is 18 years old and is a college student.. She has a perfect body and a wonderful pair of boobs..Here starts the story on this special morning as usual i was waiting for the bus on the bus stop when suddenly my phone rang and it was my friend whose dad had died and who had an important party with her girlfriend in an apartment in trouaux biches…And as it was her girl birthday he did not wanted her to be dad.

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