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He went into the bathroom and washed her juice off his face, then touched up with a little cologne. When he came back out, she was laying with her hea... propped up on one hand. Her face was halfway hidden behind a tumble of hair laced with roses. He was naked. He saw her eyes looking him up and down. ‘And it only gets better, sugar,’ he murmured, going to her. Seeing her, watching her, tasting her again, had his cock thick and engorged. He was well hung, not superhuman, but with enough girth to. She angrily grabbed my cock and began to stroke it. I instantly grew rock hard and began to get nervous because this wasn't rite. She told to to lay on the table and that no one will know of this. As she pulled my shorts down I unclipped her small bra and was surprised to see her little petite tits all hard and erect. She ran to get some Vaseline with her shirt off. I thought to myself is this really happening am I gonna finally fuck her? When she came back she took globs of Vaseline and. . Good! You've still got lubricant on your hand, so just stroke him a little as you fuck him... There, you're getting the hang of it! Now, baby, fuck his brains out!"Felicia did her damnedest! Her slender, petite figure could not muster the force that Patricia's taller frame could generate, but the sight of that tiny sprite slamming away at my fundament was almost enough to set me off, by itself!Patricia decided that now that Felicia was preoccupied with slipping the sausage to me, it might be. She made eye contact with me and came to our side of the stage and it felt like she was giving us a private show. My dad nodded at her and made a signal. After she finished up her dance she left the stage and my dad led us to a private room. My dad gave a guy at the door some money and he gestured us inside.My dad led me over to an oversized chair that leaned back and he pulled me down beside him but pulled my back against his chest. He was playing with my tits, his hand under my shirt and I.

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