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‘Wow.’ ————————————————— ‘I wanna be your gay lover I wanna make your man cry I wanna be with you forever…�... Wailed the lead singer of the Flaming Llamas. Sara found herself shivering, not from the powerful AC in the Ballroom, but from the unexpectedly creepy lyrics of the band’s songs. Blood is what I drink from your lips Every kiss is pain Every goodbye is knife wound…’ ‘He’s cute right?’ ‘Who?’ ‘Kyle. The lead.’ ‘Oh.’ Ian’s fifty times cuter. Granted Kyle was tall and dark and handsome too,. I would ask them to join me in a harem. Yes, a harem of my own!I had MPC (yeah I'm calling it that, what are you going to do about it? You're just reading these logs.) give them the want to meet at my house. I went to pick them up in my car and brought them back to my house. I pulled them into my room and told them about MPC. I asked them to join the harem, and they said yes. Apparently they all liked me, but didn't say anything. SHIT!!! I forgot to mention their names. They are Emma, Fiona,. Her pussy swallowed his big, fat penis completely. With the mixed emotions of pain and ecstasy on her face, he could tell that it was bigger than her husband’s.But she was riding it so passionately that he lost his mind looking at her amazing body jump up and down! After a few minutes, he lifted her up, pinned her to the wall, and continued fucking her, pushing harder and deeper into her. She could not control herself.She kept sighing and moaning, “You are a fucking animal! I have never been. She kept pestering her with questions about you. You have to get to know Cindy before you can understand how unusual it is for her to show any kind of interest at all in a man. Her mama and me, well, let's just say we have given up on the idea of seeing any grand babies coming from our Cindy."From how he said that last, I got the distinct impression he was telling me that his daughter was gay. I almost laughed. I hoped it was true, although I didn't believe it, not from the reaction we'd each.

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