Soon I came in her mouth. She drank everything without dropping a single drop.She got up and started leaving my room. But her bra fall down because I ...nhook it while she was sucking me. She put her hands over boobs to cover it. I went to her and removed her hands. She resisted a bit but I overpowered her and start sucking her nipples. Her resistance got over and she started moaning a bit. She was pressing my head over her boobs and her hands were rubbing my back. My hands were on her ass and I. A little earlier she had crept into the garage to inspect the damage to her own car. Oddly, considering the havoc it had wreaked upon Madame Courvelle’s Mercedes, the little Renault had escaped relatively unscathed. Nevertheless there was sufficient damage to the car’s bodywork to indicate its involvement in a recent collision and even the most simple police officer would be hard put not to link the damage to that on the afore-mentioned automobile of Madame Courvelle. Nom de Dieu! There were. “So, where are we heading now?” After some time she asked me. “Don’t know. Let’s see where we landed up. I’m very happy because of you, so consider this as a long drive, like the long walk yesterday night. ”She only smiles. Around 2pm, we took our lunch from a road side dhaba and resume our journey towards infinity. It’s a nice experience, if you going for a long drive with your partner. The chit chat is always there, and lots of fun. After two and half hour of driving we reach a place name. Then I tasted precum. And sure enough, I soon felt something hot and white and sticky slid down my throat, the dick it came from so far into my mouth I didn’t even have a chance to gag before it was in my stomach.‘Don’t forget boys, we want cum on as well as in it,’Was that him? That sounded like him. Did it? Wait, did he just call me ‘it’?The cock in my mouth pulled out and I felt it be wiped clean in my hair, eliciting a shudder of disgust. It hadn’t even finished before it was replaced by.

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