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No one could make me cum like my Daddy. I fell back onto the bed and spread my thighs for him. He was hot to fuck me and I was so ready. He didn't fuc... me though. He looked thoughtful. He was stroking his cock. “Daddy will be right back Babygirl.” When he came back he had a web-cam. I raised my eyebrow at him. “What's the camera for Daddy,” I asked. “Daddy is going to win a bet,” he said. He got on Skype and gave someone a call. “Yeah, its me. You don't believe I can get Kayla to do anything I. It’s uncanny…they were written for me to sing. One is a duet, I don’t recognize the guy’s voice but he’s amazing. We need to get in touch with this guy and the song writer if he’s not the guy singing, now, before he peddles it to Faith, Shania, Reba or someone else. I’d really like to get him in the studio for the duet.’ ‘What’s his name, or his manager’s name? I’ll get on it!’ ‘That’s just it, there’s no manager, no name—nothing but a phone number, hand written in glitter on the CD…strange. Do. She hadthe most striking emerald eyes that stood out brilliantly from her bronzeskin and dark brown almost black hair, which was neatly tied in a tightbun. She wore a formal dress suit like always that clung to her widehips. She had a decent sized chest, but there was not much to seebundled behind her blouse and blazer. She was neither particularly shortnor notably tall, but she had mastered all principals' ability to makeanyone else seem small when she wanted to be intimidating. . I kissed her navel and removed her shorts she had no panties I was excited, she told me lick it, I started licking it the taste was good as I was used to licking pussy now and had developed a taste for it, her clit was sticking out like a mini tongue I gave it a good lick I was licking it for 5 min she started shouting and she pissed a little bit and cummed then she was so embarrassed by pissing that she hid her face in the blanket I said its okay and started smooching her. At that time tara.

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