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In der Schule schienen sich die meisten an ihr neues Geschlecht zu gew?hnen.Na ja nicht alle Mediha war immer noch das verzweifelte Kopftuchm?del. Ihr...Mutter war jetzt als Mann ein brutaler Haustyrann.Mittwoch meldete sich meine Fahrlehrerin Ute bzw jetzt Uwe, dass wir jetztwieder Fahrstunden machen k?nnen.Ich wartete vor dem Haus auf ihn. Ich erkannte ihn an dem Fahrschulauto. Ohneh?tte ich ich ihn auch nicht erkannt. Aus der zierlichen schwarzhaarigen Utewar grauhaariger dicker Mann. Tim ignored her comments, gripped her hips, found his mark then began to push forward. Donna was still saying it’s too big to go in but very slowly it sank all the way up her, Tim had a faraway look in his eyes as he began to slowly push in and out, groaning with the intense pleasure. Donna had stopped complaining about it being too big now and was just whimpering and pushing her bottom back as Tim eased himself in and out. I watched fascinated as the condom glistened with Donna’s juices every. I rubbed it with the tip of my fat cock. She moaned with pleasure.“Yes, daddy,” Sarah moaned. “I need it.”“This cock is all yours right now, Sarah,” I said.I glanced at the camera. Stela was frowning. Her eyes had gotten big. I split Sarah’s pussy lips open with my cock. I got the camera nice and close. I slid into her pussy without a condom. She moaned.“Are you trying to make me jealous?” Stela said. “It’s working. I wish that was me.”I brought my cock out slowly. I kept the camera. I stop for an instant and take off my g string push it into my soaking pussy rub my clit for a minute pull out the soaking article, walk out of the toilet, paying the bill and ordering the taxis on the way back. I almost lose my nerve what if this doesn’t do it for her but I carry on I sit down kiss her in the dim light and place my panties in her hand. I nibble her ear as I tell her the ride is on its way in the most suggestive voice I can muster. She fidgets in her seat and a moment later I.

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