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"Are you sure the kids are asleep, Armando?" whispered Cassie, wrapping her long, slim fingers around her husband's rapidly lengthening cock. "Yeah, d...n't worry honey." he replied, squeezing her breasts with one hand. "Alex went to bed hours ago. He's got that big game tomorrow, he'll be dreaming about the big touchdown by now, babe." Cassie pulled gently up and down on his stiff joint, rubbing her thumb up over the fat, purple head. "What about Cindy?" she moaned as his hands caressed her. At that moment you appeared from the ensuite and stood shocked staring at my pussy being licked by a women you did not know. Jesse looked up at you her face seductively smiling and in a whispery tone said "happy birthday, cum join in the fun" speechless and stunned you cocked your head around to see my face, my eyes fixated at your stiffening cock. As your cock hardened, my smile grew and my nerves settled. "yes' I thought, this will be a birthday you'll remember for a very long time." darling,. Soon they stopped at the first stop sign, which was not far from campus. Tommy started to dream up what they looked like in his head. Ari quickly showed her underwear to him, lowering her yoga pants to reveal a cute, almost cheeky pair with a smiley face on the back of them. Nothing in that description was left unsaid. He started to undress her with his eyes.“Hmm. Cute,” Tommy said, as his erection got bigger. “But they don’t seem like you, you know? Unless I don’t know something.”“They were. “It’s locked and no one can see us from this angle," she said. She slid behind me in the desk chair and began to caress my shoulders, it felt amazing. I looked to the door and she was right, I couldn’t see into the hallway and no one could see in. My dick was growing in excitement. I turned to face her and we smiled at each other as we both knew this had been what we wanted but had avoided it for all too many weeks. “But what about Bret, doesn’t he have the key to open it?” I asked, slightly.

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