’ I said. ‘Kathryn, do you have an outfit you can wear or do we need to swing by your house?’ ‘I brought a spare outfit in case were went in New York. I can wear that.’ she answered. ‘Good, problem solved.’ I said brightly. ‘We’re about two hours from the wedding and we don’t have to be there until 11, so we can stay here around 8:30 or so. That gives you lovely ladies a couple of hours, plenty of time to get even more lovely.’ ’11? I thought it was 1.’ Kathryn said, puzzled. ‘Uh,. Supporting her arms they helped her sit up before putting one cock in each of her hands. She was close to blacking out from the tequila and all her mind knew as the pleasure of her climax as her hands moved on their own to jack off the cocks in her hands. One of the cocks had a condom on it. She put the other one in her mouth so she could have both hands free to pull the latex barrier off of the other. Now she could feel his nice, smooth skin against her hand and she smiled around the shaft. I was seeing her ass thrust back and forth in my mind's eye as she fucked my tight ass. I was imagining looking her in the eye as she thrust and filled me with her hot, sticky cum. And as I was imagining it, I was getting rock hard in the water.Candy stopped talking and looked down, seeing my turgid cock through the hot, swirling water. She slid closer to me and grabbed my throbbing dick. She whispered in my ear, "What caused this reaction? What are you thinking about?"I was breathing heavily,. "According to Nana, of course..."Estrella gave her mother a look, "So THAT's it!" Just exactly!" I replied. "It's a blatant attempt to lure me into her web -- and she's turned you into a victim! Suck!"Estrella managed to laugh about it.Later, in bed, Estrella, fiddling with the fur around my right nipple, mused, "It has been a long time since Mama has had a man..." And?" You should give her a taste of her own medicine." How, exactly?" Make her watch." Estrella grinned at me. "Make her watch you.

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