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Here at TMF we work toward providingthe perfect person for the perfect job. By that i do not mean just hiringand training, although that is a part of ...t, I mean creating the perfectperson for a perfect job. Through bio-engineering. For example. We havebeen given the task of supplying a candidate for a certain mission, or inthis case group of missions, by the US government, which requires notonly a specialized skill set, which is where you come in, but also aspecialized person. Which is what we. They done the same positions this time round but she brought out a chair and began to straddle it with her legs spread wide exposing the little piece of leather preventing her pussy from showing. Herbert’s mind raced with the thought of what may be behind it. He got all the pictures that he wanted and was putting his camera away and folding the equipment up when Sonya asked if they were finished. “Yeah I think i got everything I need for the assignment.” “Oh ok” Sonya sounded disappointed . The maid that I bought all the uniforms, all schoolclothes and all the girlie crap for. I expect to see the maid lookperfect. I mean 100%, no exceptions. No fucking excuses. I don't give ashit what happened. Look at you, runs in your hose, your knees bleeding,your fucking uniform flipped up in back, your hair all out of place. Youare a mess. This room is a mess."He stepped over to me and grabbed hold of my arm. He pulled me over to achair, sat down, put me over his lap, pulled the skirt of my. He took his hand to his mouth smiling and sucked all my cum from it.- “I think now we are even” - he saidI immediately went for his pants and reveled a beautiful brown cock, better than I remembered, with all that well cared pubic hair, completely hard, with the veins popping out and begin to stroke it with both hands. He laid back and let me play with his thick tool, I was marveled. Shortly after I del his hands in my head lowering it to his cock gently, I looked into his eyes, he had his face.

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