With her most flirtatious smile, she said, ‘Like I said, I don’t want to get any lotion on it,’ after which she laid back down on her front and ...traightened her left leg out, but didn’t move her legs back together.He poured the lotion onto her upper thighs and began smoothing it in, his hands slipping occasionally between her legs.Pooja accommodated him by moving her right leg out as well but he avoided touching too near her crotch, moving instead to cover the cheeks of her bare bottom with the. Flesh slapped against flesh. The orc grunted and the mage groaned. “Drink it all.”As Faoril hissed out her pleasure, Chaun’s creamy jizz flooded my mouth. I swallowed it, savoring how it poured down my throat, coating me, soothing my throat and warming my belly. More and more of his jizz erupted. I squeezed his cock and stroked it hard, milking out every drop of his jizz.“My slutty songbird,” he groaned, his face contorting. “Love you.”My heart beat faster. I swallowed his last load and popped. She had bright eyes, and a wonderful smile. She came over to the sofa and sat next to me. She turned sideways so that she was facing me and told me how grateful she was for everything I had done for her. She bent her head down and kissed me on my check, then she grabbed my face and turned it toward her so that she could kiss my mouth. The kiss became more passionate and so probed my open mouth with her tongue. I felt a stirring in my pants as we continued to kiss. She ran her hand down my. "I'm wearing old clothes today, okay?" Definitely appropriate. You have a great butt, sis."She looked back at him and smiled. "Thanks. I hope I'm not grossing you out." Not at all. I'm enjoying the scenery." Perv." As soon as she said the word, she wanted to take it back. With the clothes in her hands, she turned to him. "I didn't mean that, bro. It was just a joke." I know. Get dressed. I'm going to need the bathroom soon."The door closed again, and he rolled his feet to the floor. Looking.

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