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She looked at the sad state I must have appeared."I said pout bitch."She spat quite loudly and I reacted with an instantaneous pout as shethickly pain...ed my lips with the sticky red lipstick."There, run along now sissy perhaps you had better go straight to yourcar now or Roger WILL be laughing at you, I'll tell Hazel you arewaiting for her" and she disappeared laughing, leaving me to sneak outinto the twilight to the sanctity of my car to await my wife's arrivaland goodness knows what she would. As soon as she realized what had happened she dissolved back into tears. She had just had a massive orgasm at the hands of three black men. She didn't even know their names! She collapsed in surrender as the clerk thrust into her several more times. When he stiffened up and then his body shuddered in ecstasy she realized that he was filling her with his hot cum. He was only the second man in her life to have an orgasm in her body. And she didn't even know who he was.She closed her eyes again. Now mind you having 3 k**s was not easy on my body, I’m a bout overweight, not fat but I have curves, having my boobs filled with milk 3 times has caused them to sag so my 38D’s are not like a young girl anymore, but the warm sun felt good on them as I laid there in just my white panties, I must have fell asleep, I don’t know how long I was out but when I woke up 2 of my husband’s friends were standing over me, looking at me, I smiled and told them the guys left early that morning, about then. Her tongue immediately bathing it in her hot moistness as she softly grazed it with the edges of her teeth. I felt her switch hands; her right hand reaching for my left and placing it on the back of her own head, encouraging me to take a handful of her own blond hair, which I did. It seemed as if she wanted me to act like I was in control of her sucking my cock, although I knew better I was smart enough to play along. I pushed forward, forcing her to take another inch or two as her cheeks.

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