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We stopped our walk simultaneously, turning to face the water and look out at the bay. My hand was in the back pocket of Sabrina’s denim shorts. I w...ndered if she was feeling the cold a little. She cuddled in closer to me, her arm around my waist and her head on my arm. She sighed, watching the boats gently pitching on the waves. We stood there for a few minutes in silence, enjoying the serenity and the view of the bay. I took Sabrina by the hand and led her a little further along the shore.. It was increasingly clear that they often deferred to me, that they recognized me as the top dog in this pack, the alpha male himself. Despite their machismo, they were content to be the betas.After a good long romp, Shelby asked, "Want to swap partners?" With whom?" I asked."Josie, Tamara, and me. You fuck Tamara, Max fucks me, and Anton fucks Josie," Shelby urged me."Very well, then. Let's do that," I agreed, slipping my cock inside Tamara to fuck her furiously.Max slammed his dick up. Aren't I?" "Yes, Miss." "And you're fat, aren't you?" "Yes, Miss." "Let me hear you say it. What are you?" "I-I'm fat." "And a slut. Admit it. Let me hear you say it." "I'm a slut." Amy blushed at saying the words. She knew it was true though. She wasn't normally a slut but yet here she was in a sex store about to be spanked by a stranger in front of other strangers. She really was a slut. "Say the whole thing", commanded Diane. "What are you?" "I...I'm a fat slut", Amy said, feeling the truth. It's not really all that manly, you know?" Ireplied weakly."Come on. Please. Who cares how manly it is? It just you and me, and youknow I always think you're manly." She made a pouty look at me.I thought about it. She was right. There was no one else around. And shedid always make me feel manly. She would hide in my chest during scaryparts of the movie, and always let me drive. Of course, she always pickedthe place, but she always let me drive. She saw me considering this, andjumped on my.

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