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" Themenfeier? Was ist das, welches Thema?" Na ein bunter Nachmittag im Harem. Jedes M?del bekommt ein Haremskost?mund ich werde das Wohnzimmer und de... Garten etwas umgestalten, mit vielenSchleiern, Sitzkissen, Sofas und Sklaven zum Bedienen." Und wo nimmst du die Kost?me und die Ausstattung her?"?Zieeeeeep? Jetzt hat Monika ein Haremskost?m an."Ganz einfach so, nur, dass ich die Kost?me vorher herbei zaubere, diesich dann unbemerkt und selbstst?ndig der Tr?gerinnen anpassen." Und das kannst. ’ Tim climbed the stairs, and shortly I heard the sound of running water. I went into the kitchen, and reached into my memory to find the steps he’d followed in making our meal the day I’d arrived. When Tim returned, I was carefully stirring a pan of sauce. ‘How do you feel?’ I asked. ‘Much better,’ came the reply. ‘None of the scratches are still bleeding.’ He sat down at the table, and I put a plate in front of him. ‘I hope I got it right.’ ‘Somehow it doesn’t surprise me that you’re not. I tell you she is as natural as she can get and she is so so cute. I was driving quite fast since I was so horny. I told her that I was feeling specially horny that day, that I felt sexy and that I was in a hurry to suck her dick and feel that hard cock up my little asshole. She kinda enjoyed me acting like that so she started flirting even more. She started acting sexy, her voice changed and she started teasing me. She leaned on me, put a hand over my cock, licked my earlobe a little and. ” I heard Lisa say as the passenger door slammed shut. My eyes popped open and I looked to see Lisa still wearing the swimsuit top and a pair of Daisy Duke shorts that had no crotch reviling her pink and swollen lips. Forcing my cock back into my trousers I then jumped into the truck started it up and headed to the barn. AAs we neared the darn I looked over to find Lisa with her head leaned back and eyes closed she had one leg propped up on the dash and the other up with her foot hanging out.

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