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Earlier in the day.Arlene, followed closely by Ann, slammed the door open to Jeff’s office and stormed in to find Diana bent over his desk with his ...oftening cock still stuffed up her pussy. Her shorts and panties were hanging around one ankle while his jeans and undershorts were pushed down to his knees. Both had divested themselves of their shoes at some point.“Well, I’m glad someone has time to enjoy themselves. Ann and I certainly don’t,” Arlene groused.“It’s called making love,” Jeff. When I turned my head he started to kiss me deeply. I too responded nicely. He grabbed my boobs and started pressing them over t-shirt. We are on the corner seat in the last row, so I didn’t bother that someone will see us. He lifted my skirt up and inserted his fingers into my panty and started fingering my already wet pussy. God, I am loving each and every minute. I am suppressing my moans. He then lifted t-shirt over my boobs but didn’t remove it. Took my bra off. He asked me to take off. Saying she could stay up or come back with him, she follows him, not wanting to let him out of her sight. Following him down the aisle to the door to the office they just make random little small talk. Upon reaching the office, he does what he needed to do and they make their way back down the hallway, and, as they come to the door to his office, without much of a pause he grabs her hand and pulls her into the dark room. Guiding her, he pulls her beside his desk and begins feverishly kissing. She gave me lube and showed me everything. From then on i learned about masturbation. Mom would often buy me bigger dildos as yearned for more. They locked my penis up in a chastity device for years, trying to shrink it more. A few years later and my parents divorced. My dad moved away and my mom dated other free spirit men. One day she brought Brian home, I didn’t know she was bringing someone home. I was sitting on the couch watching tv nude. Brian was in his 20’s . Luna honey this is Brian.

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