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Angela laughed when she heard that.She said I was going to be in for a long week...Well, LaTanya handed me a pink smock and said it was time to get to...work.She said my first job was to clean the toilet. I was to clean thebathroom thoroughly twice a day from now on. I was to tidy it up everytwo hours. If the toilet was ever dirty, I would be 'dealt with.'Whatever that means...My name is Don, but LaTanya said that Don is a not a 'salon name.' So,she renamed me 'LaDonna.' She said that if. We were out of site so I reached into his Hi Vis jacket and started to caress his tits and hard nipples, fuck you do turn me on I said to him, Big Lad did the same to me. I moved my had down and slipped it down his work trousers, he didn't have any underwear on but I could feel a cock strap tightly fastened under his balls and around the base of his cock.We both made our way to my Van and started off to go back to my flat, I bombarded him with question on what he liked and what he'd like to do. Hell, it oughta be because it belonged to my sister, Lisa! Here I was all ready to challenge a pretty girl and then forgive her, but all I get is my sis. That’s not to say that this young woman is not pretty. In fact, I guess she is kind of a knockout! Now, who would have thought that I would have thought that my nineteen-year-old sis was a drop-dead gorgeous female? And, to top things off, why was the bulge in my jeans growing so hard and horny? Sisters; shit, you can’t avoid living with. .. remember, not a fan of blood.”“Wuss. I can’t believe you need to learn how to spank someone,” Mike said while rolling his eyes for effect.“Do I need to learn how to use a paddle or crop? No. Do I need to experiment some to figure out how to do it so I avoid ugly welts and blood? Absolutely. Personally, I think a pink or red ass might be attractive, but not if it’s splotchy or bloody. Gonna try the solid paddle first ... hmmmm ... Actually, to get a good comparison between the two, I think.

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