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Did he expect a response? I simply wrote back, "Thanks :)" Andhit send. I went back to my other comments and basked in their positivelight for a while... I smiled devilishly. The internet seemed to agree. Ihad a better ass than Felicia. The red letter sprung back up in thecorner.The same guy had sent another response, stating:"No, Thank you! Your body is pretty fucking banging! Your girlfriend hasevery right to be jealous. Your hips and ass are fucking fantastic, and Isay you should do what. They had to bring Bozo. Which meant they had to bring Dino. Both back windows were cranked down and they each stood at one end of the back seat with heads and tongues out. Mary was on her knees, making sure they were OK the whole trip there and back. Jill was on my arm, rubbing her tits against it. At one point, she sort of stiffened up and whimpered. I looked down at her but she was somewhere else, not paying attention to me. She looked kind of dazed.I wasn't expecting a marching band or. He sat down on his bead and stared up at the mirror over his bed and with much courage decided to strip down and see what was going on. As John watched the mirror he saw his hips widened and his waist dove inward. His cheekbones moved up and his body fat disappeared. He saw himself shrink in proportion to the bed and his hair grow blonde and fall to his shoulders, then he felt his spine arch inward and his butt grow round and plump.His eyes changed from brown to blue and his nipples grew larger. ..” I gasped, then I kissed her lips just once, before embracing her again.She said with a giggle “I aim to kiss me again, you soppy thing!” then we kissed again, as she leaned into me, then rubbing my cock through the sheer material of my dress.I replied with a giggle “I think we should continue our evening in the bedroom! It will be more comfortable with us on the bed!?”Switching off the TV with the remote, I picked up my tablet. Then taking her hand in my free hand, we stood.

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