The 2nd Story: Azure Rose (WIP)revolves around Alena, a specialist assassin who works in the assassin's guild. This is a planned-large scale work span...ing across several parts, each part detailing her exploits as she survives in this dark fantasy world. Expect magic, creatures and monsters, as Alena travels across the poverty-stricken nation filled with corrupt officials. Resource management is important, the game uses weapons, currencies and other variables to determine outcomes. Contains. I breathe in deeply to stop moving completely, so I do not feel anything – futility. My jaw hurts from gags, and you using my face as your cum-hole. The sharp breath and tightening of my stomach makes my cunt and ass hurt deeply, raw, loose, sloppy, feeling the stretch of cock, fist and object. Blink. The blinking red light, the evil eye above in the corner of the room distracts for a second. Fresh humiliation hits home, only half able to process the potential, further degradation, but no. Jim walked behind her and attached a rope to a pulley in the beam above them. He then attached the rope to her elbow cuffs and slowly began to pull. Linda knew that she was really in for a strict session now, and groaned as she was forcibly bent forward. He kept pulling until her arms were painfully pulled up behind her, drool escaping from her forced open mouth. As a final touch he gathered her long, dark hair in a pony tail and laced a steel ring in it. Then he used it to pull her head back. She understood what is going on. She covered her face with scarf. We went to counter. A dark guy eating gutkha was seating there. I asked for room. He gave me key but was looking hungrily towards her, like he will fuck her there itself. I took her to room. She asked me “why you take me here you would have done it there only”. I smiled I said as I am not going to fuck you but you will get fucked by someone else. She became angry and said no I will not do this I slapped her told hey shut up you.

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