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Our loving husbands were out of town; so, we should never tell them about our girl’s night out…We went to a bar located in the suburbs; a place we...had never gone before.After midnight Helena and I were starting to get bored; there we could not find a single man, the music was lousy and the beers were not so cold…We finally said goodbye to our girlfriends and decided to come back home. Helena had abused by having on too many margaritas; so, she asked me if I could drive her loving husband`s. It’s the strip club where we had the explosion and fire a couple weeks ago.”“I want them parked across the street from the strip club.”“Let them know that I’ll be there in thirty minutes.”Mike closed his cell phone. He said, “I’ve got to be going.”“You never answered my question about moving to the country,” Sonny said.Looking at Sonny, he said, “I’d rather live in hell than be surrounded by a bunch of yahoos like you.”“That’s a rather unfriendly attitude. I’m a pretty nice guy,” Sonny. ”I kissed her. “So I start with your lips and work my way down then?”She smiled and turned over onto her back. Some of his cum had since dried but I could still taste the saltiness of the little rivulets of cum that had made their way down her body. Her belly was still sticky but that was because he had pulled out the second time he fucked her and cum on her tummy as well. He had fucked her again a little while later but had fully emptied his seed inside her so I had much to feast on there.. Be a real man!” she snapped. “I’ll apologize, but I won’t rehire her. NO,” he growled. Nicole just looked at him; disapproval plainly visible on her lovely face. Anthony felt his armor crack. He knew that he would end up doing exactly what she wanted in the long run. “Fine…I’ll do it,” he grumbled, shoulders slumped. “Thank you. It really means a lot to me,” she smiled, “Now…take those pants off and put this on.” Anthony stared that the garter belt and hose in her hands. With shaking.

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