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He handed me back my change, as I got off the empty bus with a sigh. What a day, I thought. I was going to have to walk back to my apartment in the ho... morning sun, fantastic. I had been walking for about five minutes when I heard my phone ring. ‘Hello?’ I stopped and answered. ‘Hey babe.’ The sweet voice on the other end replied. ‘Oh hey Vicky.’ I answered. ‘I told you not to call me that, I can’t get the babysitter from Fairly Odd Parents out of my mind.’ She giggled. I laughed, ‘Children of. I’d been watching everything she was doing to me, but now the sensations took over. She was wanking me like crazy, with her mouth clamped over the head of my cock, sucking hard and flickering her tongue over the tip. I couldn’t contain myself any longer. I didn’t want to! I came hard, in a long stream of spurts, and aunt May didn’t stop sucking until I was done. She sat up, and licked her lips, beaming at me as usual. “Thank you,” she said. “Thank you, too,” I managed to whisper. . I had a job to do and needed to be everywhere…literally. So the administrator gave me a bodyguard. She was just there to see to it that I didn’t steal anything too big or expensive and that I didn’t m***** any of the sexy senior citizens…as if that would happen.Kimberly was a cute but flabby Certified Nurse Aid. She had a round face, a bit of a belly, and an ass that rolled around in her white nurse uniform pants. Everyone wore the same thin white pants with a variety of colored tops to. Saurabh:-yes,we shifted here last night.Today is my first day here.Girl 1 :- so thats y you are so nervous.Girl 2:-didnt they tell you anything about this place ?Saurabh:-yes they did,but..I mean…I thought they were kidding.Girl 1:- I am alia,btw(19 yrs old)Girl 2:- and I am aaisha.(17 years old)Saurabh:- I am saurabh. So you are telling me that everything they said about this place is true.Alia:- yesBoth girls giggled.Saurabh now had a grin on his faceSaurabh :- so you dont mind if I do.

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