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We had the same colour of hair which hers grew down to middle of her back. Her eyes were an ice blue compared to my darker grey blue. I don’t like t... admit it but her figure was certainly developing. Every day she was growing and turning into the double of our mother. Her chest was becoming larger and her cleavage was beginning to stretch her dresses that our mother would make. Some of the dresses my sisters wears now, are our mothers.“Only the finest flower for my little sunshine!” Father. "Mom" he whispered gently."Yes Deen" moaned Manya in response."Promise me", he said."Promise you what, baby?" came the reply."Promise me everything mom. Deny me nothing" answered Deen. "Not tonight, not tomorrow, not ever" said a now forceful and confident Deen."What?" answered a surprised Manya as she turned her head around.With one hand, he held her face, and turned it forward. He repeated himself, only a little loud this time "Promise me everything. Deny me nothing. Not tonight, not. I went into my room and started to tear up. It was 7oclock by then and he still hadn’t said anything. He hadn’t talked to me in a couple days. I was lying in bed and drifting off to sleep a couple hours later, and my phone started ringing. I figured it was one of my friends calling to tell me something they forgot to or a prank call. I looked at the screen, and it said –Call from Fav UG- (ug was uncle George, a nickname I had given him.) I started freaking out. He hardly ever called, even. The woman said Velma's husband and daughter were having an orgy with her. Now what kind of weird bullshit was that? It just didn't sound possible, not with Buzz Watkins, who believed that all freako-perverts who had orgies should be lined up against a brick wall and shot down with sub-machine guns.Velma herself had just come from a swinging three-way, and in fact she was a trifle pissed because she'd had to cut the delicious triangle short in order to be home before her husband arrived.But the.

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