’ ‘You ready for a movie?’ ‘You bet,’ Rosa smiled. They made small talk on the way to the theatre. The theatre was only a mile away, so they...didn’t say all that much. After the movie, a romantic comedy, they decided to get something to eat at a place roughly three miles away. When he finished parking the car, Dutch put his arm around Rosa and moved as if to kiss her. She met him halfway. It was a short one, but the kiss left Rosa wet between the legs. ‘Christ,’ she gasped, her mouth inches from. " You open the door and stand there smiling, a questioning look on your face. I show you the bottle of champagne, condensation covering the cold green glass in blisters of water. You follow me into the kitchen, I put it in the fridge with a wink, you frown, and I tell you it's for later. As I close the fridge door, I give you a hug and crush my lips to yours. My tongue slips between your lips, and mmmm, I taste your strawberry lip gloss. As you respond, I turn you round and tilt you forwards so. He finally located Cyn standing in front of her pink tool chest with her back to him. Bear was a somewhat fuzzy and could not decide how long he had been asleep. Not very long, he thought as he focused on Cyn fastening a belted harness around her waist, under her buttocks and adjusting the straps. She reached into one of the drawers, grabbed something, took a step back and he heard that "something" snap into place. “What are you doing?” He barely had the words spoken when Cyn turned toward. "Agggrhhh! Owwie, mommie! It hurts," I wasn't expecting the pain.His thick penis stretched my tight pink walls and popped my cherry. I got off his penis and saw a little blood on the first few inches of his penis meat. "Suman honey, you're that aroused huh? And now you're bleeding. Let me wipe the mess you made." My mom took a tissue paper and started wiping the remains of my cherry from my vulva and then Raj's penis."Suman, you need to go down his penis more slowly. Your pussy would get more.

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