Vishal : yeh item meri hai ( sab hasne lagte hain)Phir unki car ek beach ke pas rukti hai, sab waha par nahane ka plan karte hain.Meri biwi ko vishal ...k local dukan se bahut hi choti si see thorugh frock type ki pehanae ko bolta hai.Woh pahle mana karti hai par who jidd karne lagta hai to man jati hai. Change karne ke bad who aur bhi mast maal lag rahi thi.Uske boobs aur gand us choti se dress se bilkul aane ko betab se dikh rahe the. Vishal usse dekhte hi bolta hai mast maal lag rahi ho.B:. " A sniffle escaped, and she rubbed at her face. "I don't want to-, I can't lose her. Family's more important than anything. I l-like you. So much. Not just the s-sex ... I don't want to lose you either, but..."His heart seized up in his chest, because he could feel the train coming, warning bell ringing in his head. " ... b-but if it means losing my Sis, I don't want to see you anymore." Fresh tears stirring in her eyes, she looked at him, whispering, "P-please don't hate me."Vice-like, his. ” she replied, “Why do you ask?”“Good then, we are going to see a friend of mine before we go home.” I told her.We drove the few short blocks to the club and pulled into the private lot I had parked in last year. The valet took my car and we approached the club entrance.“We are going in here?” Jen asked in surprise.“Well, you told me that you sometimes fantasized about beautiful women. Now you get to see them up close.” I replied.We entered the foyer area and were greeted by security. I told. I stroked the smooth flesh of her stomach, and planted kisses along its length, while she moaned in ecstasy, and deep passion. Her moans grew louder with every flick of the tongue, and I wanted very badly to get her completely naked. I started to remove the red silky panties, but she stopped me, and told me to lay back and she would make me feel like I was in heaven.I replied to her request and lay back on the satin sheets to let her do her magic once more. She stroked and caressed every inch.

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