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“One of the other girls shaved me and I shave her.”“Hmm. I think after the bath I would like you to shave me. It must help with the heat in this...dreadful climate.”“Of course ma’am. Would you like to to wash your intimate areas ma’am?”Instead of replying Margret opened her legs wide to give the girl the access she needed. Mimi’s hand and the washcloth disappeared underneath the water. Margret enjoyed Mimi’s ministrations for a few minutes as she lay in the tub with her eyes closed and legs. The boys smiled as they grabbed their bows. Big Cloud shook his head and went along to make sure that they didn't bring back too much.Fighting Hawk went to the reading lodge to resume his studies. He now had good reason to work harder than ever before, and Little Mule was at his side the whole time. She refused to leave his side, unless he specifically ordered her to do it. He knew that she would only be waiting outside if he did, so he let her stay. When he found out that she could read he had. It soon vanished into the swamp and they set about running haphazardly round the edges of the swamp. A hunting horn called them together again, but it soon became apparent that she had only gone a short distance in the swamp before taking to the path again.Once the dogs had found the trail they raced away towards the caves, where it disappeared into first one and then another cave. Checking each of these took time and the Emir's opinion of this quarry went up a good deal. What he did not know. The sound of a TV in one house competing with soft musical strains from another. Now and then the sound of voices and laughter could be heard from one of the many lit windows nearby.Immediately in front of the apartment, Rob and Yvonne were in shadow. It would be unlikely that they could be seen if anyone should be outside and looking about. Once away from that protective shadow though, they would be in the open with just a few bushes dotted about the small patch of lawn, and a nearby.

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