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“He’s demanding to see you. I told him you were sleeping.”A loud knock came from the entrance to my apartments, muffled by my closed bedroom doo.... “Ava, my sweetling, open up. I need to see you.”I shivered. He’d been gone for a week. A week free of my father’s lusting eyes. Of not having to give him handjobs and blowjobs to fend off his desire for my body. But day-by-day, he came closer and closer to crossing that line into incest. I knew one day I’d have to surrender to him.So I had to keep up. That time isnot now, I'm glad to say. No, now he's perfect. Mikey's getting marriedtoday and I'm here offering sisterly support as he gets ready for thebig event. He's nervous of course, but looking at him I can't help butfeel proud of him and of how he's grown into such a beautiful personover the past few years.I smiled as I watched the make-up artist work on his face and the hairstylist apply herself to his long, blonde hair while he chatted andgiggled with Kirsty, his best friend and Maid of. He had never realized how obviously sexy his sister was. She opened the glass door. Come and join me. I dont mind. When did you lose your virginity? he asked, in complete shock that he could fuck her if he chose. Last night. I fucked Daddy. He was great. Brian couldnt believe what he was hearing. He simply took off his clothes and slid into the shower behind her. Lindsey wrapped her arms around his neck and looked up at him. I always wanted to get fucked in the shower, she said, her voice. “Oh yes…yes…suck my cunt…fuck…oh…ahhh…ahhhhh…oh my fucking god that’s sooooo good!”Jem transferred his attention directly to her clit, licking up and down either side, his beard grazing the soft skin of Leila’s open and now sopping wet pussy as she squeezed his head, her juices soaking his face. “Aiyee…fuck…fuck…fuck!” she moaned. “Right there…yesss….yessssss….oh god, oh god… I’m fucking cummmming!” she yelled as she suddenly lost it, coming all over his face. She pulled his face hard against.

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