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Hughes—Jackson, now—with wide eyes. "Are you okay?" He asks her, one hand splayed over her thigh and the other massaging her arm. "Yes," Sasha say.... Then, "Please." "Please what?" Her heart feels like it's going to shatter against her chest. The throb between her legs feels unbearable, and if she can only get him to touch her there… "I…" His knuckles glaze the side of her sex and she arches and moans. "You have to tell me what you want, love." The endearment makes her chest swell. "Please touch. You make eye contact with me and say ‘Lick me as you fuck me with my dildo.’ You see me look a little surprised and you push my head lower, ‘Do it, please me like I want’ as you feel my tongue go to your clit and start to lick. After a few minutes of this, your hand comes down and pushes my hand away and you start to use it on yourself. I’m a little surprised at the pace of your rhythm, going in and out faster and faster, breathing heavier and heavier. Then suddenly, you hand shoves my face. I quickly took one blouse it was a white one with some golden threads on it for designs. I went to the trial room, removed the choli and wore on the blouse and it was a front open one and but it had only two hooks it was so small over my breasts that.I had a very hard time covering my nipples. I came out and Raju once again started inspecting me. This time though, since the blouse was so small, while he was inspecting the blouse cups, he slightly let his finger in and placed n right over my. Ummmmmmmmmmm it was so yummy tempting my addiction of eating cum. See i have a reason behind sucking cock and getting fucked that is because i love the prize that i would get after, which is the tasty, delightful white syrup. I m such a dirty girl. I licked her face and ate all the cum. But she had plenty of it still left all over her. So i licked all her body, she was moaning throughout. It was like she loves it same as i do.Than i turned her around because i didn't want to miss the main.

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