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The gasps got more excited and passionate.Ella and Crispin were left out of this but not for long as Ella snagged the tube of lubricant and applied it...first to her anus and then Crispin's cock. Crispin went with the inevitable and entered her carefully pushing in slowly. Ella pushed herself down and then out and then down again. Crisp decided that it was better to let her control things as she had done this before. This was a new experience for him but the tightness did feel very pleasant.. Later that evening during the after sex cuddle I was informed that she’d finally go through with it.Then she said, “Are you sure you want this?”I answered in the affirmative and the next day began to search for a suitable candidate. We used a couple of photos of her nearly nude for enticement. Boy did the answers start pouring in. We were both kind of shocked and began the weeding process as many were just flakes.To help speed the process I found a swinger’s club that allowed newbies to come. As Cherry picked up the plate of biscuits she "accidently" let a few slide of the plate onto the floor at the end of the table. She cursed and immediately bent to pick them up. As she got to her knees she unzipped her track suit top took it off and put it on the table. Michael had offered to help her but she said she was fine with it so he just sat on his chair and watched her. Her nightshirt was a satin singlet that had quite a high neck line but did nothing to hide the shape of her D Cup. May, I’d like for the two of us to see if we can find a hospital or two this afternoon, see if we can find any doctors who are still smart ... I guess we can just call them level threes now.”“Okay,” May answered. “Why the rush?”“I talked to Professor Adams about Karen. He made me realize that we could really use a doctor. The Professor also made me realize that ... ummm ... Infected women might still be getting pregnant, and we don’t even know if babies with Infected mothers will come out as.

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