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" Usually we all go visit around Christmas," Eddie explained. "Luke's grandpa is living with her now. They're nice people. I think you'd like them." B...t what about his dad's side of the family?" I asked. "Does he see them?" No, not really. I know that for a while he kept in touch with his grandparents, but not anymore. It's his choice."I simply nodded as I continued to flip through the photo album, and when I didn't say anything Eddie stood up and spoke again."I should probably call Jase and. ”I wasn’t sure what sort of response I’d expected, if I was honest with myself. Shock, apprehension, anger ... none of those were out of the question, but how they would manifest was a different matter. Tears, if it was me, probably. But that’s not Alistair’s usual go-to. And there was shock, I had no doubt. But unlike me, after a pregnant pause where I could nearly see the gears turning in his head, he nodded, seeming completely calm, and asked, “So where are you hiding her?”“H-hiding?” I. "One down, 2 to go," I said. "Honey, would you mind showing me a little skin for this next one." "hey, that's not part of the deal, " one friend protested. "Bullshit" my wife yelled back,"We just said he can cum multiple times, not that I can't help him. Deal is he stays hard and cums 3 times." I could see by the look in her eyes, my wife wanted nothing more at this point than to show her friends up. She pulled her shirt over her head, pushed her breasts together and kneeled in front of me. She. I braced myself for a fit of rage, but instead she just stood up, still holding my hand. She tugged on it.I asked Mike for the last blunt, and he gave it to me. We went into her room, where she turned the fan on and opened her window, letting the midsummer night air fill the room. She creeped over to the door and turned the lock, ensuring entrance from no one. She began to take off her shirt, but I told her not to. I told her I wanted to do it myself.She laid on her bed, where we again began to.

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