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She pulled me onto the bed beside her and proceeded to give me the sex education lesson of a lifetime, showing me how to turn every inch of a woman’... body into an erogenous zone. I kissed, licked and sucked her nipples clit and labia as she told me exactly how everything I did made her feel. I ran my tongue slowly up the inside of each leg in turn, going round her buns and up the small of her back and then to each shoulder blade in turn. As I did that she slowly fingered herself, and between us. She lay on my lap and I was gently massaging her head. She was feeling really good. I was already hard on my pants and she just adjusted herself closer to me which made her head directly bump over my dick. I was afraid but she didn’t give any reaction and was comfortable lying over my dick. It was painful for me so I took her head in my hands and adjusted my dick. She smiled at me and she got up and laid over my shoulders just like the way they show in movies. I really liked it and I gained. He moved between my thighs and slid his cock into me. He fucked me very hard and came after a couple of minutes. He then got up, muttered a thanks for letting him fuck me and he moved away.Before I could invite Ron to take his turn, he was already moving between my spread thighs. He asked politely if I was sore; but I then assured him I was not. Ron fucked me missionary. He brought me to a nice orgasm and after I stopped shaking he started pumping me again. I could feel his cock as the sperm. Your husbands wallet has eighty-seven dollars in it and after what I saw when I walked into my bedroom I feel a crying need to get drunk and drown my sorrows and your hubby is going to foot the bill for it. There will probably be some left, but I have no idea how much." Send it to my office." She gave me the address and I wrote it down and then she said, "If you can send it overnight and I'll reimburse you." I can do that. They just called my flight so I have to go."I said goodbye and.

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