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My other hand continually massaged her cheeks and lower back as my fingers moved slightly faster and deeper. I spread my fingers wider apart and twist...d them, stretching her and stimulating as many of the aroused nerve endings as I could."I had no idea how good that could feel, " she breathed. "Are you relaxed, baby?" As relaxed as I can be when I'm so turned on. I really want you inside me."I smiled and shifted to my knees, bringing the head of my cock to her ass. I lubed myself liberally,. Stan took no further time. He began planting light, butterfly kisses on her thigh, moving gradually up, sometimes varying by licking or sucking for a moment. He reached her pubic hair and twirled his tongue among the curls, teasing her, breathing in her heady scent, now playing his fingers along the outside of the same thigh. For a few minutes he played there, then he shifted position and began teasing his way up the other thigh. Anne’s breathing was fast and shallow now, and Stan looked up. ‘Yes, Ted, we’ll get him ready then you can take over, how about that?’ shouted Ashleigh. ‘We could even blindfold him so he won’t know who’s mouth is on his cock. What do you think Tom, after all, your the recipient?’ ‘It’s ok with me. I get my cock sucked regardless of who’s mouth it is. With the blindfold, however, I can imagine whoever I want on my cock.’ ‘OK, I’ll do it but only if he takes his clothes off. I’m not going into his pants to find that thing.’ Everyone laughed as Tom stood up. I’ve never minded that and it sometimes happens to me too. Lucia just flopped on the bed and lay back with her forearm across her eyes panting hard. Joseph knew he’d satisfied me, and was so unselfish in the way that he’d put my needs above his own. He’d managed to keep his composure, and he obviously deserved to have his pleasure, but nothing was scripted so how he took it was up to him. I’d have been quite happy for him to cum inside me there and then, but he slowly withdrew from me, and lay.

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