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Who knocked up who, and who had the biggestconquests. I just tuned it out and did my observing of the crowd.Though everyone wore orange jumpsuits, evi...ently it was allowed toaccessorize as long it didn't interfere with the names and numbersstitched on the suits. I noticed there were a number of inmatessporting scarves of various colors. In fact, it appeared they were acode of color for a gang or something, as those with light greenscarves were all sitting together and no other colors could be. THE END That night I had a dream! I dreamed that she came to my apt for her massage and I had her get undressed and lay face down on my table and cover herself with a sheet. When she called out that she was ready I went in the candlelit room and grabbed the bottle of oil and began the massage at her neck and worked very slowly down her shoulders, arms and back. When I got to the point where I left off earlier that day, one of the candles flickered and went out. Before I could. Not having met in person, it was difficult finding you at the cafe, however I guessed that the lost looking soul having just got off the tram must have been you and I was pleasantly surprised with what I saw. Having chatted for so long, it seemed like we already new each other. After the initial greetings, I explained that I would take you to my hotel and then take in a show. The taxi ride flew through the suburbs and in no time we had checked into the hotel. Carrying your case for you we. With my eyes closed all I felt was the sounds of pleasure and the shaking of her body. There was a huge boner raised inside me. I could feel the gush of blood flowing in my member.‘Amrit, I want you inside me. Make me yours’, she pleaded.‘Yeah!!! You are mine. You’re my bitch, Chandini ’, I said and laughed.I undressed myself completely naked and then helped her remove her kameez. Leaning over her, I kissed her again. She was sweating and breathing heavily. I unhooked her bra and let out the.

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