Once again set your review dictionary to English (Australian) rather than English (US) and hopefully all the blue and red squiggles will disappear. +...+++++++++++++++++++++++ Our friends in blue turned up at the garage I owned in the form of two officers in a patrol car. I watched them surreptitiously from my position under the hoist. It was unusual to see such happy looking policemen. Their expressions turned more serious as they approached me. They confirmed my identity and said they’d some. Mr Milt was ready to go out when I saw him near the main door as he always does at this hour to get hammered by cheap booze. He was a scary looking guy Anglo Indian brown hair and beard at 6 feet 2 inches he stood a good 5 inches taller than me.I was broad actually he wasn’t scary till he put that frown on his face and snarled and stared at you on spotting me and he immediately started shaking his head! No! He said blatantly and I did not even ask you anything yet.I protested you are walking at. Ivan was naked.She took off her coat when they reached the office and Ivan slid his hand under her skirt, feeling her stocking tops before sliding a finger in her pantiless bum crack. Ivan pushed his fingertip into her pooper as she took off her blouse and bra, but he had to remove it when she stepped out of her skirt. He sniffed it and licked it, and then offered it to her lips.She took it into her mouth and tasted it and knew that they would be assured of more than a little dirty fun.“Shall. My dick was throbbing and I stopped stroking wanting to make it last. Josh then said since I like looking at it maybe I should touch it. I was speechless. But Josh got up and sat next to me. I was staring at his dick the whole time. After he sat next to me, he took my hand and put it on his cock. I was so turned on, nervous, and a bit scared. I hesitantly rubbed a finger up his smooth shaft then two fingers up and down. He moaned a little as I put my hole hand on his cock and.

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