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.. you seem hypnotised by the blood dripping from your fingertips, you flex your fingers, the blood flicking onto the floorshe laughs, watching you do...this, but you take little notice watching the droplets of blood splash against the floor ... that is until you start to riseyou can now see more of her, a shiny black leather basque, exquisitely tight on her torso, you stop, staring at her tummy or at least, the buckle at the front of the basque cinching her waist tightshe grabs your hair and for. "Okay, Jeanne. Go ahead and power up the cloning machine, just like you did last night. I'll get things ready on the software program." Barocca began entering all of Jeanne's statistics and measurements into the machine. In a few moments, all of Jeanne's physiological data had been inputted. Barocca paused as she came to the portion of the program that would create Jeanne's cock. Dee Dee had created a template that put the same cock onto every girl. As they earned rewards and recognition,. Your agenda and mine are candidly quite different. You seem focused on wokeness or whatever, rather than the best interests of the community, society, and people.“For instance, your legal ‘reforms’ have undercut due process of law and the presumption of innocence. We can’t have that, can we? Time to abolish that claptrap now and posthaste. Proper legal jurisprudence will be restored and I will not tolerate any kind of end run around the necessary burden of proof. In the future, all citizens. He dialed Tommy Jamieson one last time."Jamieson." Tommy! Where've you been? I've been trying to reach you all night." Doc? What's up? Man the commish is hot on this Nirvana thing now. Just got out of a two hour tongue lashing." It's Mandy. She's found the honcho of the Nirvana ring. Its Jonny Jefferson." No way, man. That guy's connected and got lots of money. What's he doing running drugs?" I don't know Tommy. But he's holding Mandy's sister Traci hostage at 2500 East Victory Blvd. Mandy's in.

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