They have a source inside Texas State Energy that can get us his schedule. They’ll work something out. Another team is looking to try to get him or ...is wife at CyberFun. They still work as part-time managers there. The clients are all college kids, so a couple of armed teams should be able to terrorize the kids while they remove their target. The team leaders are working on plans. Now, let’s get on to our other business. How’s the discussions going with the government?” The talk moves on to. George moved the POV into the man's line of sight and activated it for two-way communication. Obviously, the man was startled to see a TV screen suddenly appear in front of his face, but a few feet away, and show a man in very strange clothes. The man on the screen smiled and said, "I hope you can understand me, even though I speak with a very strange accent. My name is George Wilson. What is your name?"The man was dumbfounded for a moment, then said, "My name is Asor Raddik. Yes, I can. My mind dulls and sharpens all at once...focused only on the energy and the palpable sex in the air, craving it. I am in my element-my monsters moaning their approval and adoration. Such beautiful cocks for me to suck. I take each one in turn, swallowing them as far as my pretty little mouth will allow. Tasting the precum leaking from the tips....sweet and salty and perfect. I moan at deliciousness of them both. One joins in my pleasuring of the other...I am intrigued as I watch the mouth that. They stopped when they saw me and said, “Wow Rohan, you have become quite muscular and sexier than last time.”I started to blush as I was embarrassed by their comments. But before I could say anything, they dressed up and went out.The next two days went without any important incidents. But on the night of the wedding, some real action came my way.I and my two cousins went to the wedding but it got too boring. So, we decided to head back to our room. While on our way back, we came across an.

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