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The taste was intoxicating. As I licked and sucked each finger I heard a gasp from Amy as her body seemed to tense. Looking down I see your tongue dar...ing across her clit. You look so amazing as you please her. Amy pulls her fingers out of my mouth and her hand lands in my lap. She begins rubbing my swollen package only stopping when she spasms in a climax that cascades through her body. “God….yes!….. Ughhhh!” Amy manages between breaths. You slowly raise your head to her. I can clearly see. Now she's a cash cow for us. I stopped doing it when Tony found Olivia a few years ago. I just don't remember you in our tavern before." I've never been there before." Well, Grant, I'm glad we met." So, her name is Olivia." Then he told Dottie the whole story. He explained they didn't really have an open marriage; how his wife was forced into being an escort; and they were being blackmailed. Finally, Grant added the mayor's role in the whole situation."Wow, Grant, you're getting screwed. They. As said she is always unpredictable and this time was no exception, she was so hot she just had to have me there and then on the hall carpet, her hands ripping down my pants and literally wrenching out my gear like there was no tomorrow. She wanted a quick fuck and no doubt about it, quite content to partake in her other activities like massaging and playing with me as she told me about her week, pausing occasionally to enjoy some oral pleasure which did it for us both, those deep long and. ”I swallowed, hard. At that moment I knew what was going to happen. So did he. The only person who didn’t, was my conscience. “I haven’t been able to get you out of my mind all day. My motor has been running since I got home last night.” I didn’t say yes, but then, I didn’t say no, as he leaned forward, farther, and this time put his arm around me, and pulled me to him, the silky skirt making my body slide easily on the supple leather of the couch, and in an instant, I was leaning back.

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