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"I love you, but sometimes you're a bit slow." She got on her tip-toes and kissed him. "He's going to sleep with us, silly." That was not what I had e...pected. I had thought that Laura had sworn off ever swinging again, or at least that is what I understood. For over ten years, Laura had, with only a few exceptions, refused to have sex with anyone other than me, her husband. So when Laura said that Brandt was not only going to be staying with us for the weekend, but also sharing our bed, I was. The sandals are really cool. They're opentoed, which is good as I have a hard time stuffing my boy feet into mymom's closed toe shoes. They had a bow crossing the front, with somekind of stones in the middle that looked like diamonds, and my toeslooked really cute poking out at the end, even though they weren'tpolished (maybe next time!). They had about a 3" heel, which was alsogood, as it was high enough to be sexy, but not too high to walk in, andI planned to be doing a lot of strutting. .. you mean it?” Eva shook her head with disbelief.“Of course, he does. My fiance doesn’t make rash promises. When he swears something, he means it. Absolutely. Just as I do. I’m holding him to it. Now, some might argue that he should have asked me first, but I say ... nope. He acted sincerely, out of love and empathy as well as lust and real desire. Real need from both of you. It’s his body, too. I’m not one to tell a man what he can or can’t do with his own damn body, though now that he’s. I don’t think they realized just where those tails plugged in to yet, but they changed the fox tail outfits for long fluffy kitty tail outfits. The poor sales lady didn’t know how to react to a group of “grandparents” buying such sexy stuff for their granddaughters, but sales equals money so what the hell. Mi Su and Jin Joo were so excited about their new clothes, they forgot that they would have to wait until next weekend before they got to play in them. When Ha Na broke that news to them, I.

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