I knelt down and licked Andy’s willy clean, then I climbed onto it. I can’t do that reverse cowgirl thing, it hurts. I can’t usually get off thr...ugh penetration, but this time was going to be different. I fucked him hard, slamming him into me, smashing away my anger. I heard him and felt him come but I carried on. I fucked him through that ticklish bit men wriggle at, ignoring him going softer, carrying on till I orgasmed again, grinding my clitty against his pubic bone. I’d have asked him to. Your thumb is gently stroking the smooth skin of my back and I’m trying my damnedest to not quake all over. I turn to look at you, and as I do the hand on my leg slides a little higher. “I can’t.” I protest. “You sure?” you dip your head and press a kiss against my neck, the thumb on my leg stroking, sliding even higher, slipping up the hem of my skirt. “No,” I manage to gasp. “No what love?” “I’m not sure.” I manage to ground out. You chuckle again and kiss my neck again, higher, just below my. Then the masters of ceremony said, "Before Mr. Babic speaks,Miss Mara Bagas would like to say a few words."I walked out on stage and in an impassioned voice I shared some of mycontrived history and pleaded for the orphans. Then I said, "I have asong for Mr. Babic as a way to show how grateful I am for him sponsoringthis dinner."I sat down at the piano that the dance band had used and played and sangOj Srbijo Mati. It was a folk song from the region the Babics and Bagaeswere from. The song. .. Wally didn't notice much of the rest of the party. His mind seemed to be wandering around in strange places all by itself, without him really being there. One of the few things that stood out was the tall woman's rejection of Pat and Mike. "They're the wrong blood type," was her laughing comment. Neither of the guys seemed much amused, though they were drinking the women's beer quickly enough. He had spotted them spiking a couple of beers with vodka which they then handed to the ladies,.

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