Riya then asked me if she feeds me her milk will I call her mom and consider my real mom?My heart started beating like a drum it was like a jackpot to...me. Obviously, I said yes yes yes yes.Hearing this Riya mom smiled at me and started to open her saree. She was wearing a blue saree with brownish blouse. The moment she started to remove it was like a heaven to me. Riya mom soon opened her blouse and I could see her bra. My dream would come true anytime soon. I was so excited. Mom then opens her. Very tight pinkish hole…….I can see…how Mohsin is jumping…when I am touching his Gaand……I ask him “How are you feeling….when I am washing your Ass…is it ticklish or…”Mohsin said “Its giving me nice ticklish feeling….”Then I hugged him from back…so that my cock…is touching his tight hole….I like to insert it…but.it was too tight….I left it for another time…then we wash and get dress and come out side from washroom..after that we ate our dinner….which we brought from city earlier….then sit Sofa. From that moment the donkey was known as Xandros.After they had breakfasted and cleaned their camp, they hitched Xandros to the cart. Steven placed his pack in the cart along with the gypsy’s belongings, and they struck out southeastward on the road.“How shall we entertain ourselves on the road, Steven George the Dragonmaster?” Selah asked as they walked companionably along with the donkey leading the way. “Shall we tell stories?”“Do you mean to once-upon-a-time each other?” Steven asked. He. This made for a much closer finish but Katy and I emerged the victors this time. Afterwards we just played about in the pool. We had found a football and played cat in the middle with three of us trying to pass to one another without the one in the middle intercepting. When the girls were in the middle they did not play fair and if they did not catch the ball soon enough they would swim straight at the one they thought was going to be the recipient of the ball and try and pull his costume down..

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