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Oh god! Who is it that will see me like this? Herasshole still stung from the huge candle that herhusband had stuck in her ass several minutes ago; t...ehot wax had slowly run down the sides of the foot-longcandle until it touched the sensitive skin of her anus.Her muffled scream only elicited a small smile from himas he rubbed himself through his jeans.Mary just closed her eyes, she didn’t really want to seewho it was. but when she heard her husband’s voice, shejust had to look to. His hands tightened on my hips and he jiggled forth and back quickly in short motions until he let out some quiet groans and a long sigh, his cock throbbed inside me for a few more times and I thought he must be cumming in there. His body jerked at the same time. Finally he slipped out of me and turned over to sleep. Leaving me wide awake in the darkness with his cum inside me. It was strange but I was sort of thrilled and excited. Next morning I said nothing and neither did Mike except to ask. I was thrilled, I thought he was yummy. First session was nothing exciting, just school work which I hated, but 3 days later it was much more exciting. I was still 10 and I went to his office for tutoring I was wearing a little blouse, and short skirt with of course no panties on. I had stopped wearing panties except for when my mom was around so I didnt get in trouble. He had given me an assignment and I was sitting in a desk in front of him. I kept slouching in my chair, opening my legs so he. You remember waking up to silence, drifting off, and here you are again. It's just as quiet as before, and it isn't even any less dark. Granted at this time of year, even when you roll the shutters up the amount of light gained during the day is not huge, but right now it's black as Vanta black wherever you turn your eyes, including where the window should be. Yet there must be some substantial time since your last awakening. You should know the difference between a ten second blackout and an.

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