I’ve talked with your father several times on conference calls with Bill. You’ll fit right in.”That evening, John picked up his personal items a...d checked out of the motel. He moved into the “Frat House,” sharing a bedroom with Mike. They each had a twin bed placed in the corners furthest away from the door. There was just enough room for one chest of drawers, two drawers for each. John realized right away why they called it the ‘frat house’. In the front windows, the guys had placed a sign. B wasn’t sure if she was sound asleep or in a twilight or awake. He said; “K you awake?” There was no answer. So, he squeezed her tit again and asked if she was awake. Still no answer. He felt her wiggle her bubble ass against him. His cock was pushing into her ass cheeks of her bubble butt. She has an amazing ass it was so round and sat up so high. It was firm and round and beautiful. B was hard and his cock shaft was bent pressing against her ass.He reached down and adjusted the shaft so now. I noticed Fiona had the same complexion."John!" Jessica said. "That wasn't nice," but she laughed anyway. "Brandon is Fiona's new boyfriend." Oh, Fiona," I said in a sorrowful tone. "I'm so sorry to hear of the demise of your last one."Brandon gulped. Fiona gave me an evil stare. Jessica slapped my arm.Before anyone could say anything nasty about me I added, "Sorry, Brandon. I don't get out much, so I torture all those around me. Isn't that right, dear?"Brandon looked at me and then to Jessica,. At which point, I slid my hands under her buttocks, lifting her slightly, so I could fuck her from below, my hips rising and falling frantically as I fucked her deep. I was rampant!“Yes, fuck me! Fuck me hard!” she begged as I rammed my cock into her time and again. As I broke eye contact with Sam, I looked to my right and Karen had now turned over onto her left side to watch the pair of us rutting. I could tell from the movement under to covers that she had a hand between her legs and was.

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