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They are working on me, trying to fix me. I am thankful. No one is going to hurt me anymore. In this moment, I feel my left foot being lifted. Someone...s strong hands are holding it. They clasp around it and push. At first, I am unable to understand what's going on. The pain overwhelms me. I feel bone fragments moving, grating against each other. I scream. The torture stops immediately. My foot is on fire. I open my eyes. A man is scolding one of the nurses. She blushes. A mask is placed on my. I?m just a little sad because I can provide her with the cleaning utensil she needs and she is soiling her beautiful uniform trying to clean up her mess. I profess my disappointment with the rolled up newspaper as I pull a piece of paper towel from my pocket. It?s good to always have some at hand so that she can clean up after herself properly. I generously hand her the paper towel and point at the floor but she just stares teary eyed at it. It takes another four or five swats with the. A couple minutes passed and the time had come. I grabbed my cock, gently parted her lips, and plunged it deep inside her pussy. I needed to get some lube. I flexed and felt her tight grip around my cock, pumped several times and figured I was lubed and ready. I pulled my cock out and gently pressed it against her ass hole. Using my hand to guide it, I gently rubbed her asshole with my cock head, hoping to prepare it for what was to come. I slightly edged forward with my hips, and I felt my cock. 'Jeremy, It happens. It's not entirely your fault. It's the age. I know sometimes it is difficult to fight this. But you should not think about me. You can fantasize about your girlfriend but not me. Why would you want to fantasize about me anyway? I don't even look good'. I wore a lusty look on my face now. He exclaimed, 'No Amy. You are beautiful. Actually much better than most of my female friends. They are all jealous of you. In fact, one of my friends confessed he wanted to date you.' I.

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