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I drove as fast as I could my heart racing, half hard by the time I reached her place. Once I rounded the corner I could see her waiting at the front ...oor. She was much prettier than I remembered from our first encounter. I adjusted my cock as I got out of the car, and she smiled as greeted me saying I had great taste in clothing. Once in the elevator she grabbed a hold of my cock saying how she could not wait. I placed my hands on her beautiful breasts and agreed with her whole heartitlyOnce. I was in shock and did nothing but stare. Molly, however, was in more shock than I was as she froze into place and dropped the full pitcher of iced tea on the floor. There she just stood, her bare feet mixing with the puddle of tea.Surprising each other was the reason I could do nothing but stare. I know she was more surprised than I was though. Once she realized what had actually happened, Molly went running to her room. And what kind of father was I to just stand there watching her nakedness. His hand slipped into her top to caress her breast. Patti kissed him briefly and began the wriggles and twists that removed her little bra.“Better?” she asked.“Lots,” Andy murmured and kissed her back. Patti shivered as he thumbed her nipple.Sally, riding shotgun, asked “Where are Henry and Donna? Don’t you usually hang out with them?”“They’re off with Rob and Eileen at the LeBeau’s.” Patti replied. “They’re going to try this, too.”Andy chimed in. “We got together with Rob and Eileen the other. Lisa got in the car and off we went i asked her if she was ok "wet and horney "she replied i laughed ,she then said that when we get there can she have a shower first and you explain the rules to Andy ,what rules "he can't fuck me anything else goes" ok . 5 mins out i called him and told him she wanted a shower no prob he replied,as we got there he was waiting outside we parked \lisa grabbed her bag and said i have a surprise in here for you 2 and smiled . Andy greeted us and we headed to.

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