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His breathing is louder now, enthralled by her actions. Jessie begins to quicken her pace, bringing one leg up to rest on the built-in shower bench. H... now has a clear view of her perfectly shaved pussy, watching as she expertly fucks herself.Rob relishes in each moan, whimper, and sigh she makes as her pleasure heightens.“I’m close now, baby, I’m so close. I’m gunna cum…” She began to chant.Rob forcefully slides the shower door open and pulls her from the cascading water. She yelps in surprise. It must be your conscious decision to enter."Jake stared at the eruption at the center of the pool. This was the only way. He sighed. "I understand. Thank you for your help. Talamia, a word," he said, gesturing her close. As she drew near, Jake whispered softly in her ear, "Watch over me. This is your sacred duty as my trusted concubine. Trust no one, not even Brent. If something goes sour, get us away from here post haste. Got it?" Talamia nodded solemnly."Yes, My Lord. Come back to me safe.". "I kissed her forehead. "Always and forever." She took my hand and led me to the couch. Still holding her hand, I sat between her and Dad.Mom looked at me. "I was totally wrong in the way I reacted but I still don't like this." I understand. I'll do my best not to flaunt it in your face. But whether I like it or not, I'm stuck with her."Mom's brow furrowed. If you don't want this then why do it?"I gazed at the ceiling for a second. "It's like this." I pointed to my temple. "Up here, I am not. Even were I to be other than honorable, my trade would suffer if I could not keep a discreet establishment.”With that, Autumn moved to the kitchen to have extra hot water started. Returning, she asked Jesse, “Is the large room upstairs free?” She turned to Monty and told him, “It’s at the other end of the hall from the one you stayed in.”Assured that it was available, she led them upstairs to see, then they returned to stable their horses and fetch their gear.It would be some while before.

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