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She sighed. "I am sorry anyways, Babe. Someone either has madeassumptions based off of last months photos with that fucking octopus Ihad to attend t...at Milan show with, or it's Leslie or Renee beingbitches." They both laughed.Brian had been pissed that the Italian model guy had grabbed Debbie'sbreast, but seeing it on TMZ the day after she had complained to himabout it, actually brought a smile to his face. Debbie hadn't mentionedpunching the fucker out cold with an impressive right hook. They fucked.King knew she was close now. The look of animal confusion came into her eyes that he had seen on so many faces, so many women sensing the specter of climax creeping into their very being. He planted his hand beside her, exploring down with the other and pushing his thumb into the wet ball of clitoris. Diana shuttered and it came, electric and frantic through her flapping, doll’s body. She huffed, cheeks red like she was cresting a summit. He felt the familiar slickness grow around. ” With that they both smiled at each other, then at me and the taller of the two undid my bikini top and pulled it off, fortunately it had no shoulder straps so it was not hanging on me. They both started to feel me all over, my nipples just leapt into their hands and then together, seemingly as a team they sucked a nipple each, as I laid back to enjoy the feeling I had to admit to myself that being restrained and having two young guys sucking your nipples was not bad at all. Again, it seemed. "She wiped her face off as well as she could, and sat up to kiss him; One kiss, then two, then three, big smacks on the lips. "Did I tell you I love you? Oh, and I'm sorry to call your cum gross, it was just when it's cold." She said, and then pushed her nose to his and whispered, "Fresh and hot right out of your balls, it was pretty good!" Ow, you are a naughty little girl, talking like that!" He scolded her. "But I love naughty little girls, one especially! I'm glad we can be so open about.

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