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"Sorry," Charlie wheezed as he caught his breath. "Uh - the garage?" I was thinking Charlie," Oscar said slowly with only a trace of an accent. "It's ...uch a nice evening maybe we will stay out here." Okay," Charlie said as he watched the cigar glow, the dim light casting on his neighbor's chest which was coated with a pelt of black hair with only a tiny gold cross breaking the blackness.Melody was right next door which made being out here a bit risky, and while Oscar's wife was in the house. "She did what?! Why is she being such a bitch?" hissed Megan. "I waited all day for this."Tony smiled slightly. "Maybe she is envious. Well, at least I wasn't the only one anxious, sis."Megan hugged him tightly. "You can at least kiss me."And he did. The kiss developed into another, and soon Megan's small, lively tongue joined Tony's in play. After they broke up to catch up on their breath, Megan gripped Tony's painful bulge through his jeans, and started rubbing it."Megan, we have to stop. The. I cupped her breasts and she started grinding up and down my cock. Her hands were rubbing her clit, teasing Karen. Who knelt only inches away.Betty grabbed Karen head and pulled it down to her splayed lips and forced her to lick her clit as my cock pounded her slit. Karen alternated between Betty’s clit and my balls. When Betty was close to cumming, she told Karen how much she loved my cock again. I felt her licking my shaft as it went in and out of Betty’s channel.When Betty came, she grabbed. The nature and means of those questions would never have been asked by the k**, who went upstairs a short time previously. Ron and I both stared at him with renewed respect.Then, Bob shocked the hell out of Ron and pleased the hell out of me, by asking, "Tim, do you think my mom could by our sex-slave?"Ron grinned, as he looked at me for my response. I knew that this was a critical point and I really hadn't anticipated the whole process moving as quickly as it had. Yet the question itself told.

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