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., Fu..., oh for crying out loud,why can't I swear?" Again, stuttering over the swear words."Well when did you ever hear Cinderella and co swear?" Jes...ica halfasked, half stated."What are we going to do now?" I asked Jessica expectantly, my eyesfilling with tears."Maybe it's not permanent," she replied with a bit of hope in her voice."In Cinderella, the spell only lasted til midnight." I hope so, so what do we do? Wait here til midnight and see if I changeback?"At that point Jessica's house. That left me with Emily and Victor.I had a pretty good idea that Peyton was telling the girls about our arrangement. I didn't know if she told them about what happened the night before. I would need to talk to Peyton about that so I didn't mess up saying something to one of the other two girls.I got to Orchestra early and pulled out my violin and started tuning it. By the time Peyton walked in, I was running scales on it."How did your pow-wow with the girls go?" I asked."Really good," said. No traffic and he had passed the other parking lots; no one was up her today but these two. The road that went up stream had no pullouts or parking lots, just one gravel road, seldom used and it had at least a dozen connecting roads that led out of the area to several highways. His truck was parked about a mile away.Jenny and Rick swam and played for several hours. They had a lunch in a cooler in the back seat and their clothes were in bags in the trunk. At noon they headed up to the parking. And if she finds solace in my company then why should I not be happy about it.My mind was now being filled with a lot of thoughts. I wanted to get intimate with her. I wanted to make out. But how? What if I make a move & then realise that she was just being friendly & did not have any other intent. I decided to play along & see what happens next. She put her head on my shoulder as we continued walking. It was a very romantic feeling. Few minutes later, she suddenly stopped & turned towards me.

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