“So could I, lover,” Callie winked at me with her baby blue eyes, while Mom’s dark brown and Tricia’s sea green orbs both stared at me with an...undeniable hunger for my flesh.“So, what were you two doing while Callie here took advantage of me in my sleep?” I joked partly to keep from cumming just yet.“Eating each other out,” Mom confessed, licking her lips before she kissed me to let me taste Tricia’s pussy and ass on her tongue.“Mom is delicious! She’s more than worth wearing out my jaws!”. As his fingers brushed over her collar bones, she let out a small gasp and he whispered in her ear, “You’re going to be patient all the same, Beautiful, because, today, I’m making the rules.”His fingers had found their way to her plump, slightly parted lips and she couldn’t help but greedily lick them as they played with her bottom lip. “I want you to suck me,” he commanded quietly.She happily began sucking his fingers but was sadly interrupted by his rich, familiar laugh, “You’re in luck,. Very wrong. I think something big and upsetting is going to happen in the Virginian Ridge area.”“What sort of papers, Mom?”“There’s an order for a timber inventory covering the Wolf Creek drainage from the canyon mouth up to Gardner Meadows. Another order requires a timber inventory along the entire length and breadth of Virginian Ridge, extending west to the Cascade summit,” she answered.“Wolf Creek? That area has always been exempted from timber sales, Mom! For lots of good reasons. Nobody. . 'binding agreement' ... 'orgasm withholding' ... 'full timecare' ... 'extended interval' ... 'constantly maintained' ...Flipping, thefolder falls open at Appendix H, and you resume reading. As if you aren't quitefamiliar with this part. --------------------------- Appendix H Patient orgasmicrelief protocol *******CONFIDENTIAL********* Details of thetreatment protocol determined via experiment to reliably allow Patient-X toachieve effective orgasmic relief of sexual tensions, within a one.

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