.. just with less frills. It didn't last long though, I mean, how can a boy in a strict and straight Christian family explore his sexuality in any way...other than what is considered normal?The urges subsided and I went about my teenage years perfectly normally. I became interested in girls like everyone else, got a girlfriend and lost my virginity at 16 like everyone else and did all the usual things and thought nothing of my sexuality until a fateful night when my girlfriend was out and I was. To touch him… I hesitate for a little while, then the almost painful throbbing of my cock in my jeans gains the upper-hand. I get off the chair. It’s taken right away by my brother who grabs the mouse and starts scrolling through my games collection. After a while he selects a platform game. I connect the controller for him and start up the game. He watches the intro with a fascination only young boys have. He has no idea of my internal struggle. I crouch behind the chair and watch the computer. "That black thumbtack on the wall is there for a reason, isn't it?" she questioned."Yep."She drew a breath, let half out, then ."Memories..." You know what you're doing?" I actually LIKED shooting." You're kidding." Nope. When can we go play?" Maybe after work..." Show me more!" Sounded like the kid in the candy store. I showed her some of my other guns. Like I said, I like to play the games."So you have enough guns so that if you went to a match and brought me, I could shoot, too?"I nodded. I. "We are legally permitted to arrest you under these circumstances ma'am" the female officer interjected. "And as a non-citizen, if you resist us we can legally strip you right here to prove you have stolen merchandise on your person."This seemed to give the young shoplifter pause for a moment. She looked scared as she realized this could indeed happen. Then she screamed out a whole string of curses and while the male officer was pulling her hands behind her to handcuff her she was kicking out.

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